Saturday, April 30, 2011

Deciding with Metrics :-)

With Canadian’s going to the polls this coming Monday, many are still confused about for whom to vote. In as all the leaders will say whatever it is you wish to hear, or rather say nothing at all , I thought we be more scientific as to have this decided on something they can’t change to your liking; that being their own innate talent. So based solely on musical aptitude which leader would you prefer (a) Stephen Harper (Conservative),(b) Jack Layton (NDP), (c) Michael Ignatieff (Liberal) or (d) Elizabeth May (Green Party).

I must admit that at first I wasn’t going to have Elizabeth May given as an option. That is not as the network did in leaving her out of the televised national debate without giving proper reason. No rather it was in this case not being able to find something where her voice could be distinguished from the others. Here she is found being the second person from the left. However, upon giving it further thought, that as to how much the Greens believe in the value of harmony I have included her here as well.

Of course the true metric which will have this decided are the eligible voters themselves as George Bernard Shaw reminded:

"Democracy is a device which assures we shall be governed no better than we deserve" :-)