Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Gender Wars & Reason

Find here a piece of news that when I read it the other day it had me to stop and think about what many perceive so often as the gender wars. First let me state that in terms of general equality between men and women I’ve never had any difficulty with the concept, as in fact rather wondering what’s taking the world so long to get over itself in such regard. However that’s from the perspective of a rational person, thinking about a rational world and yet that just isn’t the way the world is; especially one that still finds it necessary for nations to war on nations when reason fails them. So here we find two women who are suing the US government to have the military to lift the restrictions on women being permitted to engage in full blown battlefield combat.

 Now perhaps you might think that this is where I jump in to say that I don’t agree with such restrictions or alternately to say this is one place women just don’t belong. The fact is personally I don’t think this is a place any human being should belong, with me being no exception. Now I will get to the point, first as stated here war is not a rational enterprise, so unlike other occupations of the world it’s employees are not in the position to simply opt in or opt out and as such this change that's being asked for can’t just be had to stand for only those who wish to be so involved. So now this is the time I ask the women of the world, being does equality for each of them extend to how these two women define it as such? If yes, than are they prepared for the day when this choice might have themselves forced to serve in such a role rather than it being an option? Now you might wonder what I think, well I can honestly say that I don’t know what I think, which is what so often happens when what it is I’m forced to think about simply can’t be resolved with reason.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Thought Added To Science

I've borrowed Sabine Hossenfelder's of BackReaction new suggested symbol for science to add a thought of my own:-)